Almond Milk Shots

Working with the Almond Board of California (ABC) for 5+ years I’ve tasted my fair share of almond milk. There’s always a new take, be it an innovative add-in or sweetener, a blend of coconut or other milks, but usually the simplest recipes take the cake. Chef Matt Vawter holds it down at Mercantile with… Continue reading Almond Milk Shots


Ladybird, located in a space that ironically used to be a meat and cheese fondue locale (The Bourgeois Pig), has managed to impress a gamut of New York City diners with a fully vegan menu. An omnivore myself, I enjoy earth’s bounty of fruit and veg as much, if not more at times, than meat.… Continue reading Ladybird

The Birthday Cake Croissant @ Union Fare NYC

Rainbow or cake-flavored anything is a guaranteed win in NYC, but typically at the expense of taste. The Birthday Cake Croissant from Union Fare, however, not only maintains the integrity of its flaky pastry namesake, but launches it to a dessert-like level of richness. Filled with cake cream – pastry cream lightened with whipped cream… Continue reading The Birthday Cake Croissant @ Union Fare NYC


In my family chocolate chip cookies and brownies trump all other desserts. And so was born the dirty blondie, offering the best of both worlds! Cookie Layer (adapted from Pinch of Yum) 1 stick salted butter, room temp. ¾ cup white sugar 2 tablespoons brown sugar, packed 1 egg 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 cup… Continue reading DIRTY BLONDIES


Pretty much everything about Sweden enticed me – the cuisine, art, cityscape, and waterfront — but I must say that the tradition of Fika is what won my heart. I suppose it’s comparable to England’s afternoon tea, but there’s a certain coziness to taking a moment for coffee and cake that removes the stuffiness from… Continue reading FIKA

Havana, CUBA

To guide your wanderings, some Cuba favorites… La Guarida – Read the story about this famed Havana restaurant in an abandoned apartment building – the rooftop bar is worth a visit while you wait for a table – Reservations required // Find it: Concordia number 418 between Gervasio and Escobar Le Chansonnier – In a… Continue reading Havana, CUBA

Dirt Candy

“Anyone can cook a hamburger, leave the vegetables to the professionals.”  I made it. Long after hearing of Amanda Cohen’s original 18-seat East Village location, I made it to the bigger, shinier, expanded-menu version of Dirt Candy. Far from vegetarian, I do have distinct respect for anyone who can make an impression on the palate,… Continue reading Dirt Candy

Uptown to Amali

Feeling frozen from a day locked in air-conditioning, we were thrilled to snag one of two tiny outdoor tables at Amali to savor the tolerable evening heat. Tucked steps away from Bloomingdales, on the north side of 60th street, Amali brings something special to the UES. A cozy atmosphere, friendly and attentive service, and killer… Continue reading Uptown to Amali


Dad was passing through the city for one night only (and we were both exhausted from traveling) so a cozy dinner in Flatiron seemed it might do just the trick. A bustling gem tucked off of Park Avenue, Covina is attached to the Park South Hotel, which has also been a hit this summer for… Continue reading COVINA