South African Raw Milk Cheese

CHEESE is an international event organized by Slow Food and is held every two years in my small town of Bra (population: 30,000).  Over four days visitors can explore every quality cheese on the planet, and also sample beer, wine, and specialty street foods from far and near. Thus, this weekend over 150,000 people ventured… Continue reading South African Raw Milk Cheese


Smoked tofu and brussel sprout scramble 

Smoked things have always tasted like meat to me. The epitome of rich, salty, umami perfection, smoked foods satiate a hunger in me that I can’t quite explain. I first had this revelation in beer tasting class at UNISG months ago, and have since developed a fondness and appreciation for smoked cheeses, various fish, and even vegetables! Smoked beer, in particular, has a way of making you feel like you’ve just eaten a steak – if you think Guinness is a meal, try a Rauchbier! This wonderment became evident to me when a friend introduced me to smoked tofu. I am by no means a vegetarian, but am happy to try new takes on meat free protein, especially a challenge that might turn me on to tofu. Apprehensive, I unwrapped the block of dense, brown soy and sliced a piece to try. Like all other smoked things before it, this strange creation changed my perception regarding its main ingredient. Smoked tofu is more like a cheese to me, perfectly seasoned and of a texture not too grainy. It pairs well with roasted or pan-sautéed vegetables and contrasts nicely with balsamic vinegar to add a little sweetness. This type of tofu is firm, unlike some of the watery versions I have hated in the past, and this curdled soy certainly tricked my taste buds, just like many smoked edibles before it!