Not your typical burger and fries

I realized last weekend at Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg that festivals stateside are very different than the ones we frequented in Italy. For one, our Italian fiere typically included a steady pour of vino into a glass held sturdily around your neck by a genius cup holder contraption. Secondly, why do Americans insist on waiting in line?!

Brooklyn’s Smorgasborg is a day full of lines. But I must admit…a few things are definitely worth the wait…

Home Frites: Serves up crispy thick-cut fries of various flavors, each with a delectable dipping sauce. The parmesan and herb truffle fries with a lemon garlic aioli were good but for me the winner was the sea salt fries with honey mustard. The best part is the convenience of the giant hand-held cone!

Ramen Burger: I must admit, the wait for this was off-putting, but this umami explosion is well worth it. A perfectly medium-rare seasoned beef patty rests tightly between two perfectly fried ramen buns that are delectably chewy in the middle. The secret shoyu sauce, spiced arugula and scallions add a pop of color and texture, leaving you drooling for one more bite. Definitely worth a try, and I’m dying to make them at home!