Meat Sweats in Memphis

The city of Memphis has SO much to offer. There is an incomparable heritage and passion present in Memphis eateries, offering everything from Vietnamese and Italian cuisine to expertly crafted local brews like Wiseacre.

But I have to be honest, when it comes down to it, there are a few things that just can’t be beat in the city that’s home to the blues. And those are Gus’ Fried Chicken, Rendezvous Pulled Pork Nachos, and the BBQ Shrimp at The Second Line. Those guilty pleasures of mine are by no means extraordinary, but rather basic (highly caloric) and well executed plates. Furthermore the ambience of each locale, the no frills of Gus’ – the relaxed ambiance of TSL – and the obscene allure of Rendezvous…it’s hard to resist. I did learn on my last trip to Rendezvous that they arguably also have the best brisket I’ve had in the south. Furthermore TSL’s cocktail program is hands down unbeatable in Tennessee. Above all the soul of the food in that city will warm your heart no matter where you come from or what your purpose is for being in Memphis.

And in the end, once you feel to full to stand, take that last sip of hurricane and hit the dance floor at Raifords. That time warp will cure anything that ails you, or at least distract you for a little while.