Yesterday we had our final class on the Molecular Basis of Taste, exploring everything from what influences our food preferences to the chemesthetics of smell and taste. Professor Morini made a big impression with her stance on the importance of taste education. She stressed the value of exploring a variety of flavors, noting that you… Continue reading sweet.sour.bitter.salty.umami.

CSA Italia style

Community-supported Agriculture (CSA) is a locally-based alternative to supermarket food distribution, a phenomenon that has taken off tremendously throughout the United States. Here in Bra, GAS La Credenza is a collaboration between the student Slow Food chapter at UNISG and the Piedi per Terra Association, providing students from the university, as well as residents of… Continue reading CSA Italia style

Italy here I come!

So, it’s official. I’m moving to Italy today. After living in New York for two years, on a path that seemed to be just finally perfect, I was accepted to a Master’s program that I had considered since my time at USD. Although going back to school had never really appealed to me, something abou… Continue reading Italy here I come!