A Barolo-Birthday-Thanksgiving

Food and love are undeniably connected…as Carlo Petrini has said many times and in many different ways, “Traditionally making food is an act of love…”

So here we are less than one week in, and that passion is already bringing us together, outside of the classroom as well as in it. As Deb said, we are here to be immersed with people who love what we love, and when people with open hearts and minds come together, there is so much to be shared!

The FC 9 students were kind enough to host a Thanksgiving, where I felt very at home amongst turkey, stuffing and creamed corn, but more so among the company of our group. What better way to kick off our year together than with a holiday based on great food and gratitude?

Most of all it was fun to communicate to my roommates and classmates about this and other American holidays, and the rituals surrounding them. I realized that Thanksgiving is truly my perfect holiday (perhaps not so coincidental given my date of birth…) because it is quite simply a time to be with friends and family; to enjoy company over various traditions. No church, no gifts, just a time to love and share.

I look forward very much to learning about the celebrations our group will observe, and we have already begun sharing recipes and traditions with one another. Last night, Tanya prepared her wonderful curry at our very first dinner party – and Matylda made quite the brunch spread, including my new favorite sausage – Polish Mysliwska.

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