Sunday wine tasting at Vajra Barolo

Some learnings from our visit to the beautiful 40 hectare vineyard of Vajra:

– Nebbiolo is the name of the red Italian wine grape variety predominant in the Piemonte region (where we live!) — Barbaresco, Nebbiolo and the most wonderful Barolo are all produced from the varietal of grape, each one grown in different areas of Piemonte.

– Nebbiolo wines are lightly colored and highly tannic — very earthy and dry

– Dolcetto and Barbera are best to drink young (within two years or so)

– Our favorite discovery at Vajra was the unique digestif “Barolo Chinato” — hints of cinnamon, coriander and vanilla — which I cannot wait to try with chocolate!

– The Piemonte reds are extremely rich in polyphenols, which accelerate antioxidant activity – All the more reason to “Drink thy wine with a merry heart”

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