The Wing Addiction Continues: Lucky Bee

Lucky Bee cracked their doors on the LES just a month and a half ago, and the opening menu is absolutely bangin’. Another incredible example of Asian-inspiration (see Bar Goto post below), these salt and pepper wings are fried to perfection (almost fluffy!) and come with tamarind prik nam pla, a traditional Thai sauce with an acid kick. Our other favorites were the steamed pork and sesame dumplings, which were surprisingly light and fresh and the green papaya salad, which had just the right kick.

Noffs and Bennett (of Fat Radish) are taking a farm-to-table approach to Thai street food and the ambiance is to die-for. There’s a huge bar covered in fresh ingredients – think avocados, peppers of all colors and various fruits — taking up the center of the restaurant and tables are squeezed against the walls on all sides.

To boot, they offer happy hour deals daily until 7:00 p.m. and the spicy margarita is splendid 😉