Italy here I come!

So, it’s official. I’m moving to Italy today.

After living in New York for two years, on a path that seemed to be just finally perfect, I was accepted to a Master’s program that I had considered since my time at USD. Although going back to school had never really appealed to me, something abou the L’Università degli Studi di Scienze Gastronomiche (aka University of Gastronomic Sciences) in Italy, struck a chord with me.  Once they divided the program into three concentrations, one of them Media, Representation and High Quality Food, I knew I had to give it a go.

The application process was extreme, especially trying to complete it while working 10 hour days in the city, but after hours of proofing and time spend validating my undergraduate degree, I submitted the application early only to find out months later that I was waitlisted. I have never felt so disheartened in my life, and that was when I realized how badly I really wanted to do this. After a few weeks of nervous anticipation, I was finally up next on the wait list, and within moments of receiving the email I was ready to accept my position in the November program.  Thrilled, I drafted the note and called my parents, but something held me back from hitting send.  I finally loved my job at Porter Novelli. I loved the people I worked with. All of my friends were living within blocks of my wonderful apartment, and my parents were just a quick train ride away! What was I thinking, leaving all of this for some grad program in Europe?

After a few immediate reminders of how badly I wanted this, I was reassured that if not now, when? I didn’t own a home, I didn’t have a dog, or a husband or children of my own (yet…), and honestly I couldn’t even consider going through the stress of that application process again. Ultimately, it was a conversation with my manager, Ed, which gave me the confidence and strength to pursue this. He and my colleagues were so supportive of my decision; it finally made everything feel right. So I gave my two months notice, resigned (hopefully temporarily) from Porter Novelli, took some time off to spend with my family and visit some people/places before my departure, and now the day has finally come!

So here begins my adventure. I board a flight this afternoon with my entire life packed into two giant duffels, and my next entry will likely be written from my 4 bedroom flat in Bra.

Augurami buona fortuna (Wish me luck!!)

One thought on “Italy here I come!

  1. Jill says:

    I look forward to reading your blog
    You will have the time of your life
    I know you will

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