Distinctively delectable: Devon

One element of the Master’s program here at UNISG is the six study trips, which are meant to immerse students in the food culture and gastronomy of a certain area of the world. When I told friends, family and fellow students I was going on a study trip to Devon, a region located in the southwest of the UK, they were surprised that our program would have any interest in the gastronomy there: “All they eat is fried fish and beer, right?” I knew that couldn’t be true and had heard wonderful things from other students, but was still cautiously optimistic that the trip would be of the caliber of our others. At the very least, I figured it would be nice to finally experience a stage completely in my native tongue – and who doesn’t love cheddar and beer?! But months after returning from this stage, I can’t help but remember it as one of the best weeks of my life. Food wise, Devon boasts a long list of amazing products: cider, haddock, hot chilis, the best farm fresh eggs I’ve ever had, cheddar of all variations, crab, organic meat and produce, beer, and even wine! Our visits to producers, farms, restaurants, breweries, and fish markets fascinated us all and truly exemplified that it’s not just Italians who want to share their food culture. Try the UK for yourself!

High-quality Highlights:

–       Manna From Devon

–       Devon Crab

–       Piper’s Farm

–       Dartmouth Picnic Boat

–       Quicke’s Cheese

–       Bridgetown Brewery

–        The Curator Cafe

–       The Seahorse Restaurant

–       South Devon Chilli Farm

–       Riverford Farm

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