Doyers Delight

Doyers Street is a funny little corner (literally) of this ever-so-intricate city we call home. With all of maybe eight doorways – including a beauty salon, employment agency and Chase Bank — it’s certainly not a street I’d choose to duck down, especially late at night. Or lone. Or ever, really, if it weren’t for the gems within. Nestled among family-run dim sum parlors and Chinese herb stores, Doyers Street boasts some unsuspecting and almost seemingly-accidental greatness.

Doyers is home to three of my favorite locales in all of lower Manhattan, each offering a distinct specialty. First is Apoteke, a botanical-based speakeasy, located at 1 Doyers Street. While the staff may take a hot second to warm up to you, the craft cocktails are fresh, unique and just downright delicious. Once you find your way through the hidden entrance (an old restaurant-front) it’s quite easy to decompress in the prohibition-era setting for at least one cocktail. Also a great place to take a mixology class should that strike your fancy.

Just a few doors down at 13 Doyers is Nom Wah Tea Parlor — a self-proclaimed “Vintage dim sum parlor” dating back to 1920. Nom Wah encapsulates everything I’ve ever wanted from dim sum. A fluffy pork bun, light-as-a-feather shumai, and ice-cold Tiger. They also randomly serve Brooklyn Lager, which is just always appreciated.  Saddle up at the bar without the stress of potentially missing the cart of the one thing you wanted. Heaven.

Lastly, right between the two — at 11 Doyers — is Pulqueria, or as I call it “The Mexican speakeasy in Chinatown.”  Now this place not only serves a mean mezcal-rita, but also hosts some great DJ’s during the week.  A fantastic place to host a party or just have a night out, the queso and mole are forces to be reckoned with and the atmosphere just can’t be beat. Here Taco Tuesday is alive and well.

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