Veneto surprise

On our first study trip last week, I looked forward to learning about the valpolicella, radicchio, grappa and cheese making that are typical to the Veneto region.  These study trips are intended to immerse us in a region through visits to various producers, distilleries, agencies etc. to learn about products and processes within their environmental, economic and social contexts.  In our hands-on adventure through production and communication, I was pleasantly surprised to encounter my favorite creature at one of many impressive producers.

The famous mozzarella di bufala typically comes only from southern regions of Italy (i.e. Lazio and Puglia), where buffalo milk is used to spin creamy, fresh spheres of delectable mozzarella that is sought after all over the world. To keep up with the ever-competitive cheese market, Borgoluce introduced water buffalo to their farm in 2009, adding cheese making to their remarkably sustainable estate. Borgoluce currently houses about 300 buffalo, a number which is steadily increasing thanks to the birth of new calves.  In addition to buffalo meat and the coveted mozzarella, Borgoluce also sells flour, olive oil, various soppressa, yogurt and buffalo milk products, honey, prosecco, wine, etc.

The seventh generation of the Collalto family runs over 3,000 acres of vineyards, pastures, olive groves and crop fields which lie between River Piave and the Veneto pre-Alps. We were lucky enough to stay the night on a part of the estate, sample a number of their products, and of course…visit the beautiful water buffalo.

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  1. James says:

    Love the photos! Are you feeding the buffalo?!

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